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3-Way Fantasy: Frisky Cream And Chocolate Kittens Ride A Daddy Bear

Hardcore 3 way sex video featuring John X and Dazri and Samone Beautiful.  A great choice for women couples and men.  Click to enlarge image.
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Scene Description

Running Time: 60 Minutes

Beefy daddy bear stud John X is awakened by chocolate kitten Samone Beautiful and creamy kitten Dazri who are feeling frisky and want to play. The pajama clad cuties grope the daddy bear and make him frisky too! These frisky kittens suck his cock and lick his balls and the skilled sexy daddy bear plays with their firm breasts and licks their tender pussies before they take a hot ride on his cock! Dazri has an orgasm that is so incredibly intense, it nearly propels her into orbit! After all of the fun, the exhausted kittens cuddle intimately with their daddy bear. You can expect to see plenty of passionate kissing, sensual touching, expert cunnilingus, sexy fellatio, hot vaginal sex, and performers having lots of fun together fulfilling this common interracial 3-way sex fantasy. This video is a great choice for couples, women, and men.

The scene begins with beefy daddy bear sleeping and creamy kitten Dazri and chocolate kitten Samone Beautiful enter dressed in cute pajamas. The kittens get into bed with the daddy bear and wake him up to play. They rub his hairy chest and his cock and he can't say no to that!

The kittens take turns sucking his cock and licking the daddy bear's balls to the delight of John X. Dazri then sits on John's face so he can lick her little pink holes while she and Samone play with his cock.

The kittens lay down on their backs and the daddy bear pushes back their legs so he can lick their sweet pussies. He goes from chocolate pussy to cream pussy several times and then puts all his oral expertise to Samone's little pussy and fingers Dazri to the kittens' delight. Chocolate kitten Samone moans and writhes as John X brings her to orgasm with his amazing oral skills.

Daddy bear John X then dives into creamy kitten Dazri to lick her pink hole too. Samone Beautiful licks and sucks on Dazri's pert little nipples and John X works Dazri with his tongue. Dazri's orgasmic moans fill the air! Dazri and John X rub Samone's pussy and get her making those pleasure noises again. John X licks Samone's tight asshole while Dazri rubs her pussy to bring the chocolate kitten into orgasm. Samone and John X then take turns licking Dazri's pink little pussy.

Creamy kitten Dazri takes John's cock in her pink mouth and gets him nice and hard so she can mount him cowgirl style for a hot vaginal ride. Dazri bounces and grinds herself on John's perfect cock and moans in pleasure. John X squeezes her cute butt, plays with her nipples, and encourages her to make herself cum. Dazri rides him hard edging herself and finally she has the most incredibly intense orgasm! John X helps her make the orgasm last with his sensual skills and brings her back gently.

Dazri is noticeably disoriented and exhausted from her mind blowing orgasm, so she takes a break from the action and chocolate kitten Samone Beautiful mounts John X cowgirl for her own vaginal ride. Samone grinds her sweet pussy with John's cock. The daddy bear massages her sweet body and encourages her to make herself cum. Cute moans of pleasure fill the air.

The kittens are exhausted from all of their orgasmic fun and cuddle intimately with their daddy bear as the scene comes to an end.

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